Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Planning Notice

It is a must for every desig engineer to take time to read the Planning Notice for every project they are working on.

This is particularly important when there are several parties working in one project specially if the Planning Architect is different from the Construction Architect.

There could be some very important requirements in the planning notice which may not be highlighted by the client and the planning arcitect but if they are not fulfilled they could result into massive claims and project delays.

One classic example is a required 'free zone' in front of a development which was only called up by the planning architect in a form of a very vague note while the other required easements were dimentioned accordingly. It's very unfortunate that such note had been overlooked and the consequence was a tremendous loss in time and money.

Planning notices are mostly available on line. Just log-in ot UK Planning website and browse around to access the property of your interest.

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