Thursday, 20 March 2008

Mater Salutis College Seminary

After passing the Philippine licensure exam for civil engineers I entered the seminary. I studied here for about 3 years and then I moved to LST to study MA Theology.


Anonymous said...

your picture of mater salutis college seminary is the image of Mayon International Hotel. please find time to change it. give due respect to the image of our seminary. thank you and Godbless

Anonymous said...

Good morning! I am a concern student from Mater Salutis College Seminary. This is regards with your submitted photo of our school in the internet at, which I believe, is the picture of the old Mayon International Hotel on top of a mountain, similar with our school. Our school, for I have read your profile and you were once a student here. I do hope you find time to change it for we find it offensive to the image of our school. We do hope also to see the real picture of our school the next time we open, searching for any picture of our school.
We hope that you will attend to this matter.


marblaze said...

well spoted sano,

'will change image soon