Friday, 22 February 2008

Why Malilipot Builders?

Why Malilipot?

Once in Manila I was riding on a bus when I happened to see a taxi bearing the name, Malilipot Taxi. As a Malilipotenyo, seing that taxi gave me a sense of pride.

When we found ourselves outside our home town, it wouold be nice if someone asks you, Taga sain ka? and you answered, Malilipot and then he or she could easily locate where Malilipot is.

Why Builders?

Apart from being the nature of the our business, Builders will re-live an organization founded by Arch Jesus Binaday called The Builders. If you are old as I am maybe you would still remember seeing sign posts (concrete three-sided post) bearing the name of the streets. It's their project as far as I remember.

In a sense it's my way of paying tribute to a dear mentor who gave me the chance to practice my engineering skill by letting me design the structure of the cantilever choir loft of our church.

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