Saturday, 16 February 2008

My Skill List

Civil Engineering

Can design road in accordance with local highway authority specifications and site’s soils properties.

Can design a drainage scheme for a new development with regards to foul and storm waters sewage.

Can produce drainage, road layouts and details using Autocad program.

Able to produce drainage design calculations (using Micro-Drainage program) which computes relevant drainage parameters like foul and surface water outflow, storm water storage volume, etc.

Can propose drainage solution where drainage issues such as limited available drainage capacity, poor site’s condition, and other drainage related problems.

Can design soakway, compute storage volume, soakage rate, design head, etc.

Structural Engineering

Can design structural elements for all type of materials, viz. RC concrete, steel, timber and masonry.

Can produce structural calculations using Pro-Beam and Pro-Steel program.

Can design both using plastic and elastic limit design.

Can design mass concrete, rc concrete foundations.

Can design and analyze pile foundations.

Can design gravity, RC concrete, and mechanically stabilised retaining walls.

Autocad Drafting

Can produce quality digital drawings using Autocad program. Can use Autocad basic and advance commands with ease and mastery.

Can produce drawing at an appropriate scale and ‘layers’. Can make use of block and external reference as necessary. Can use relevant and available ‘autolisp’ coomands.

Can assign appropriate pen assignments to layers and colors.

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