Saturday, 9 February 2008

BEP Engineers

I work at BEP from June 2001 to August 2006.
When I came to UK I was not expecting that I can work as an Engineer. There were others like me who are married to nurses working in UK but work on a job which is not related to their professions.
My wife encouraged me to keep on trying, In fact I was already accepted to work as a clerk in the x-ray department at Royal Sussex County, but then I found BEP which was then called Bedford Eccles Partnership.
Tom Bedford one the founder and managing directors interviewed me and offered me the position of Assistant Engineer but I was told that I had to start from scratch, since I didn't have muc experience and my training in the Philippines is far different from the practice in UK.
After 6 years with them I decided to leave (with the directors blessings and support) and moved to a different company, similar in nature but my responsibility is much more compare to that at BEP.

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